Accessible Medics Public EMS Insurance Program

Accessible Medics is a non-profit organization that provides vulnerable or underprivileged individuals with free EMS insurance. We aim to serve new immigrants, refugees, individuals experiencing homelessness, and many other marginalized communities. Our goal is to help create equal access to healthcare, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Our Public EMS Insurance Program (PEIP) is completely free for eligible applicants. We do not charge for our services, there are zero premiums and no deductible. Under this program, you will receive full financial coverage for medically necessary ambulance trips. To be eligible, you must earn an annual total income of less than $25,000 and demonstrate genuine financial need. Individuals who currently hold an unemployed, newcomer, or refugee status will be prioritized. This application should only be used to apply for insurance coverage for yourself. You will need to submit a separate application (with separate documentation) to apply for your partner or any dependents. The information collected during the application process will be kept confidential and used for the sole purpose of validating and delivering insurance claims. Client information is transmitted and stored using industry-standard SSL and 256-bit AES encryption.

Step One

Download, print, and sign the Insurance Agreement Document provided below:

Download Insurance Agreement Document

Step Two

You will need to provide the following two documents for your application to be considered complete. Any incomplete applications will be considered void.

1) Scan or take a photo of your completed Insurance Agreement Document and upload it here:

2) Scan or take a photo of any government-issued identification that contains your name (i.e. Driver’s License, Health Card, PR Card) and upload it here:

Step Three

Please answer the following questions in order to complete your application. Questions marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory for your application to be considered. All client information will be kept confidential and used for the sole purpose of validating and delivering insurance claims.